About the Author


Zachary W. Kurpias got the idea for The Diner's Guide during his career in the federal civil service.  Due to the nature of his position, he had the opportunity to dine in restaurants of every cuisine and rating.  

"I noticed that in every case, when dining out, each person gave a standard tip, regardless of the level of service provided.  When asked what they considered good service, the people I interviewed had a vague idea of what they thought good service was, but no clear-cut standard to evaluate the service provided."

Research into industry publications show that while there is plenty of material to train servers in the mechanics of service, there is no information for the customer to use to evaluate their dining experience. There is, however, a general expectation that a server should be given a 15% gratuity to compensate them for their service.  

You may contact Zachary Kurpias at sales@thetipguide.com



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