Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the most important person in a restaurant?
You are. The media or the restaurant may tell you it is the owner with their experience, or the chef that prepares the fantastic meals. However, if the customer doesn't buy a meal, then the bills go unpaid, and no one, not even the owner, gets a paycheck.
If I am so important to the restaurant, then why do I get treated like I do?
Bottom line: because YOU don't KNOW any better!
Harsh as it may seem, it is the truth. Restaurant owners, chefs, and staff are provided training courses and manuals to educate them in the best techniques for quality service and maximum profits. You, the customer, are afforded no such opportunity.
Five years of research has revealed that there is absolutely NOTHING to educate the customer on quality restaurant service. No etiquette manuals cover it. Home economics courses, restaurant directories, and travel guides don't mention it. You, the customer, are left unaware of what kind of service should be available.
Who is the second most important person in the restaurant?
We believe it is the Server that waits on your table. The Server is the liason between the customer and the restaurant as a whole. A good server can give the customer a memorable dining experience. A poor server can make the meal into a battle of wits between the customer and the server.
What will I find in The Diner's Guide?
You will discover our answer to the lack of consumer educaton about quality service. In addition, we provide you with a useful, practical tool for use in any restaurant in America. The book contains four key sections:
bulletThe Zandphyll Rating System TM, designed with quality restaurant service standards built in

bulletService Rating Sheets allow you to score your server using the Zandphyll Rating System TM

bulletHints to help you receive better service

bulletReferences to assist you if there are problems with your dining experience

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